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Conveying System and Components, We manufacture in Italy

http://www.sig.it/enRubber conveyor belting is the cheapest system to convey bulk solid materials over any distance. It is the topic item of a conveyor system which allows the material handling. All rubber conveyor belts are composed of two different elements:

A central resistant carcass which gives the mechanical characteristics to the product, as tensile strength and elongations. Two main belting families exist: textile conveyor belts and steel cord conveyor belts. See the internal part of the catalogue for a complete description.

Two rubber covers, named top and bottom covers, which protect the resistant carcass and characterize the belt, as described in this page. In order to guarantee safety and long life also under hard working conditions, all type of rubber covers are antistatic and ozone protected.

Rubber Conveyor Belt
Rubber Conveyor Belts
Rubber Conveyor Belts Italy
Rubber Conveyor Belts in Italy


Founded in 1962, the Rulmeca Group has grown to be a leading partner to the global materials handling industry.

With its four product brands, Rulmeca, Precismeca, Melco and CPM, Rulmeca Group is the world’s largest supplier of rollers/idlers, pulleys and motorized pulleys for heavy duty belt conveyors for quarries and mining applications. 1,200 employees in 18 production and sales companies all around the globe serve Rulmeca Group clients in more than 85 countries. Traditionally focused on bulk materials handling applications, Rulmeca introduced its own range of unit handling rollers, motorized pulleys and components to the market in June 2013.



It is able to take a high radial load and robust in design. Therefore it is especially developed for use in:

  • Mining conveyors,
  • Excavators,
  • Stackers,
  • Reclaimers,
  • Heavy loaded conveyors in gravel and sand

The motorized pulley 1000HD is designed for tough, irregular, extreme and brutal working conditions.

The compact design allows the design engineers to save material and cost when developing the conveyor.

A high protection rate connected with the standard labyrinth sealing system means it can be used in all ambient conditions.


Manmax (M) Sdn Bhd is a progressive service company founded in 2003. We are committed to providing excellent services in the areas of construction, Steel Fabrication & Installation. Since our beginning, Manmax Group of Companies has been committed to maintaining a legacy of integrity and quality. We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations by developing and training our people who provide excellent service in a safe and ethical environment. We focus on safety and continuous improvement.

Our culture is customer driven. We believe our success depends on understanding and exceeding the expectations of our customers. In our business quality and speed of delivery are the keys to survival and growth. Our customers are the focus of everything we do.

Business Sectors:Oil & Gas, Offshore and Marine, Petrochemical & Chemical, Power & Energy, Mining & Mineral Processing, Process and Manufacturing, Metal & Heavy Industries.

Offshore Products we offered: Cabins – Cargo basket – Offshore container - Offshore basket – Offshore skid – Offshore tool box. Pressurized module is built according to standard DNV 2.7-1 and 2.7-2, with A60 fire rated panel for working in hazardous Zone One and two.

RulmecaRulmeca, International leader in the “Bulk Handling” field, introduces the general catalogs:
Rollers and Components,
Motorized Pulleys,
for belt conveyors in bulk handling applications.
RulmecaRulmeca Bulk Handling product range has been developed for the use on belt conveyors, even in extreme conditions, for the handling of loose bulk materials for the production of: coal, steel, Energy, chemical, fertilizers, cement, mineral extraction.          Rulmeca
The service centers for the Assistance and Repair of Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys are equipped with specialized staff to grant quick repairs and to produce a few motorized Pulleys with fast delivery. Always using Rulmeca original components.

Rulmeca belt tracking roller

Widely used in the mining industry and other conveyor related industries, the Rulmeca belt tracking roller responds instantly to the misalignment of the belt and does so without special modifications to the structure. The Rulmeca belt tracking roller accommodates belts ranging…


TOP Rulmeca thermoplastic roller: the range was completed with lengths up to 1600 mm

Starting from the launch of the new range, the TOP roller met international favor with customers handling different products in important applications such as: cement, coal, minerals, sand, fertilizers…


Rulmeca is proud to present the newly developed Motorized Pulley 1000HD!

The RULMECA motorized pulley type 1000HD is a highly developed reliable and strong drive with an outstanding power range of 160 – 250 kW.

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